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The Four Seasons Recomposed, Bristol Proms

Bristol Old Vic / Universal Arts and Entertainment / Watershed

The 2013 Bristol Proms (#ElectricProms) explored ways in which the experience of classical music can be augmented and played with to engage and delight new audiences. To this end Play Nicely were commissioned to create a unique visual accompaniment to the performance of Max Richter’s Re-composition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

We designed a 3D animation based on imagery from the four sonnets which accompany the concertos. This whole animated world of seasons moved and reacted to the live music played by the orchestra. Designed in 3D Studio Max, we built the animation in Unity 3D and wrote software in Max/ MSP to interpret the inputs. Through eight microphones positioned across the orchestra this bespoke software listened to and diagnosed the music, which in turn dictated the behaviour of the on-screen animation.

The performance was for one night only at Bristol Old Vic with Daniel Hope and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It was a brilliant event to be involved in; an extraordinary technical challenge and a great chance to experiment and entertain, which is what Play Nicely are all about.