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ROH Alice in Wonderland

Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House asked us to create an interactive experience for their production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, their first full-length work since 1995. 

The resulting website serves as an introduction to The Royal Ballet’s interpretation of the classic Lewis Carroll story and is accessible to users of all ages, even those who don’t know the original story. After being introduced to key scenes and characters, users completed challenges to unlock exclusive production material in a 3D production book. Through close collaboration with ROH we were able to produce a brilliantly suited introduction to this exciting new ballet.

Working so closely with the ballet’s production team meant that we were able to deliver exclusive behind the scenes photos, costume and set sketches as well as scenes from the BBC’s Being Alice documentary. In addition to this we were able to showcase a video production diary from composer Joby Talbot, tracking his journey through the creation of the spectacular ballet’s music. By bringing together these varied sources and interpretations of Alice, all rich in visual information, we created an lusciously textured and vibrant storybook experience that was incredibly well received.