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West Quay AR

String / West Quay

Play Nicely were approached by String to develop an AR lucky dip kiosk app for the merry multitudes of West Quay shopping centre in Southampton this Christmas season.

When users held their randomly drawn ticket up the kiosk screen, which was an iPad, a winter wonderland scene unfurled and presented them with a cheerful animation and the result of their dip - one out of a possible ten different prizes. It was an interesting challenge for us to make each of the ten markers identical to the human eye while different enough for the AR system to distinguish.

With a voucher redemption rate nine times higher than average, this lucky dip was something of a Christmas miracle. Over 7,000 shoppers participated, and a lucky participant won an iPad and a year’s shopping allowance.

- 3D Studio Max
- Objective-C
- String Labs Augmented Reality